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Group reservations

Our History

In “FAZ FRIO”, we prepare recipes that have been lost in time, add a flavour from the present, and serve them with a touch of modern times. With more than 150 years of history, FAZ FRIO, can be found in the heart of Principe Real (Lisbon). During that time it has been the scene of conspiracies, intellectual debate and literary gatherings it has been a popular haunt of many sailors and hosted countless happy and memorable evenings soundtracked by the Portuguese guitar.

In 2018, it was reborn as a contemporary tavern, reflecting past glory, but celebrating the best of the present. As we say in Portuguese “with bread and wine at the table, for sure!”

Restaurante Faz Frio
Restaurante Faz Frio

Why “FAZ FRIO”? Where does “FRIO” come from?

More than one century later…we have found the culprits. A combination of the restaurant’s location at the top of the hill and with the fact the back door was always semi-open – facilitating a quick escape when necessary – was responsible for generating the famous cold breeze!

Since we have closed the back door, the breeze has disappeared. But for those of you who feel the cold, don’t worry: at the table, the “petiscos” are always served hot, ready to warm the body and soul.

Restaurante Faz Frio

Private Compartments

a natter…in private please

If the walls could speak .….they would tell you stories of revolution, plans that never became real or one night affairs. Once hideaways, the Private Compartments are now the perfect spots for a convivial conversation among friends. Here, conspiracy and gossip are not allowed. Only long chitchat among friends while enjoying the delicious Portuguese food and wine, surrounded by the memories and chants of the street market holders, knife sharpeners, waterboys, fishmongers, washerwomen and troubadours.

A dinner for two or one of those long dinners among friends, like in the good old days, select one of the three “FAZ FRIO Private Compartments: Reviralho, Clandestino or Tertulia. At the end, no matter what you say, the exit will always be through the front door (that is a promise!).

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